Hi, I'm Molly.

I'm a Certified Life Coach and Founder of Counterculture Club. I work with women to help them take back their power from alcohol so they can build a life so bright, they don't want to escape it through drinking.

I don't believe you have to take on a label to re-evaluate your relationship with alcohol and identify the ways it might be holding you back from living your best life.

I do believe we don't have to work so hard to keep alcohol in our lives if it is causing us more pain than benefit, if it's keeping us stuck or holding us back from realizing our full potential.

Just like life, I believe how we tackle our relationship with alcohol and other substances is not a one-size fits all approach, which is why working with me one-on-one to identify the approach that works for you will be instrumental in building a life of freedom you love.

I'll work with you individually to identify why you drink the way you do/did. We'll address your drinking at the root so we can build your own personal life toolkit and work together to set your goals.

As someone who couldn't imagine going a weekend without drinking let alone years, I can tell you from experience that freedom from the obsession with drinking IS possible, and you can absolutely achieve a better, brighter life without it.

Alcohol Freedom Coaching is for you if:

You want to feel EMPOWERED by your sobriety rather than ashamed of it

You feel like your drinking is holding you back from achieving your goals. 

You're sick of "going out for drinks" being all you ever do for fun with friends.

You want to learn WHY you still miss drinking, even after some sober time so you can figure out how to let those desires go.

You are uneasy about your drinking, but don't identify with traditional recovery programs and want to craft your own alcohol-free lifestyle that works for you

You feel stuck, and when you're honest with yourself, you know your drinking is part of what's holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Coaching is NOT for you if:

 You are currently physically dependent on alcohol or other drugs and need medical assistance to detox.

You're looking for a quick fix and / or are not willing to do the inner work necessary to get to the root of your relationship with alcohol.

You are not willing to make a financial investment in your personal growth and / or dedicate time to doing the work required to achieve your goal. 

A minimum three-month commitment is required for private coaching. It takes time to build lasting change!

COACHING includes:

Personalized plan we build together based on your own needs and goals

Weekly one-on-one coaching calls with Molly

Weekly action steps to help you get closer to your goals faster

 Access to Molly via email and text between sessions


Our first live Alcohol Freedom group coaching program will be launching soon with limited spots available. Sign up below to get on the waitlist and be among the first to get all the details.


“My favorite part about working with Molly was getting more clarity. She asked really great clarifying questions to help me get to the root of some of my desires. Due to her great clarifying questions, I feel more clear about my vision for the future - not as "muddy" or foggy as before I started working with Molly. ”

- Crystal Rozier 

“I really like how Molly guides the conversations but doesn’t push it - she doesn’t provide me with "aha" moments, she leads me to discover them for myself. In our sessions, I am able to think about ways to work on myself that feel right to me as an individual. Molly's kindness and sincerity when speaking with me in our sessions make me feel super heard and respected by her.”

- Melissa Moxey