Counterculture Club is a global alcohol-free community based in Charlotte, NC that offers group and private coaching, monthly membership and events for individuals who want to build relationships with like-minded friends and counter the mainstream idea that we need alcohol to have fun, fulfilling lives.



“Counterculture Club has brought me a key piece in my sobriety journey that I had been missing up until now—a warm, supportive, fun-filled community where I can truly be myself and share and relate with others that are on the same unique path. It’s a beautiful and healing experience to understand and feel understood, and it’s in a group of the most kind, fabulous people. I am forever grateful for finding Counterculture Club!"

- Ilona Sengupta Gilleland

“I was so thrilled to find Counterculture Club, and I have really enjoyed getting to know the members through our weekly meetings and fun events, including outdoor yoga, book club and special speakers. I’ve never had a group that I could openly speak about sobriety with in the way that we openly speak about it. I’ve said this so many times, but to see a young group like yourselves figure it out at such a young age gives me hope for future generations! Being a part of this like-minded group has been a lifesaver for me! Thank you, Molly, for your innovation and hard work to get it going and keep making it better!”

- Meg Thomason

“For me, the transition to sobriety initially came with a lot of loneliness, feeling like an outsider and having to redefine my lifestyle. Through Counterculture Club, I've met people I can relate to who are working towards similar goals for their personal wellbeing. [Membership] has been an opportunity to make friends and build a broader community in a safe space where I feel like I can be myself.”

- Missi Rossi 

“Counterculture Club has been a great community that has helped support me in my sobriety journey. I’ve met so many great people that have helped me realize I can have fun and socialize without alcohol!"

- Kara Baas